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Freaky Elves NFTs

Freaky Elves by Spin are a gen art utility NFT collection on NEAR Protocol that consists of 2022 unique 1:1 JPEGs.
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Collection Overview

Spin’s Freaky Elves on NEAR Protocol is a utility NFT collection consisting of 2022 JPEGs. Launched in March 2022, Freaky Elves are one of the most popular and trending NFT collections on NEAR by the number of holders, trading volume, and floor price growth.
At the moment of the collection minting, its price was 0.7 NEAR and as of January 2023, the collection floor price equals ~30 NEAR with a floor price ATH exceeding 90 NEAR.
Freaky Elves' official smart contract address: spin-nft-contract.near

Collection Utilities

The first announced utility of Freaky Elves was the priority access to the upcoming public token sale of SPIN tokens. Later, the collection received more utilities and their list is constantly being extended.
  • Priority access to Spin’s upcoming token sale.
  • Boosting leaderboard position in Spin’s trading tournaments.
  • Opportunity to get a share of Spin’s Airdrop 1.0 and 2.0 for early users of the protocol.
  • Early access to early mainnet releases and community voting.
  • Access to a secret holders’ chat on Discord.
  • SOON: More Spin-related utility cases (e.g. decreased fees, access to special product categories).
  • SOON: Access to partner communities and product perks.


Freaky Elves are traded on the following NEAR-native NFT marketplaces:
Always check the collection address before buying an NFT on a marketplace to avoid being scammed.