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This page summarises all information about the Spin Token Sale.

Token Sale Details

The SPIN token is a crucial element for the sustainable growth of the Spin ecosystem. Its public sale will take place in July 2023. The Spin token sale encompasses three rounds, each offering a distinct opportunity for participation.

  • The Priority Round, exclusively available to Freaky Elves holders on Spin (NEAR Protocol), provides a head start for dedicated community members.

  • The Round A sale, conducted on Tokensoft (Ethereum), invites select participants to contribute to Spin’s journey.

  • Finally, the Public Round on Tokensoft (Ethereum and Polygon zkEVM) offers broader access to the Spin token sale, ensuring inclusivity and widespread participation.

* For the priority sale, the minimum check size is the minimum purchase amount per account. The maximum check size depends on the number of NFTs owned by the user but cannot exceed $10,000 (max of 10 NFTs can be activated by 1 account). Each NFT activated increases max allocation by $1,000.

** The Spin Token Generation event (TGE) must occur before the token sale so that the token can be bridged to the NEAR Protocol before the sale. Thus, public sale vestings are calculated based on the Token Listing Event (TLE) or when the token becomes available for trading.

The Spin token sale targets a raise between $2,450,000 and $3,500,000, depending on user activity in the priority and invite-only rounds. This substantial funding will propel Spin’s development, expanding its innovative offerings and enhancing the user experience.

Token name: SPIN

Max supply: 1,000,000,000

Supply type: Limited

Initial circulating supply: 48,500,000 (4.85% of the total supply)

Public sale token supply: 70,000,000 (7% of the total supply).

Initial market cap: $2,425,000

Fully diluted market cap: $50,000,000

Blockchain: Ethereum, NEAR Protocol, Polygon zkEVM

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