This page contains all basic information about the $SPIN tokenomics.

Basic information

Token name: SPIN
Max supply: 1,000,000,000
Supply type: Limited
Initial circulating supply: 48,500,000 (4.85% of the total supply)
Initial market cap: $2,425,000
Fully diluted market cap: $50,000,000
Blockchain: Ethereum, NEAR Protocol, Polygon zkEVM

Token Distribution

DAO treasury – 12.5%
The DAO treasury represents a pool of funds dedicated to the continuous growth and development of Spin. In the future, members of the Spin DAO will rely on governance mechanisms to determine how the DAO treasury funds are allocated.
Liquidity for Exchanges – 5%
In order to list $SPIN on centralized and decentralized exchanges, it is essential for the team to have an ample supply of tokens for liquidity provision or market making. $SPIN will be listed on several DEXes right after the token sale.
Incentive Pool – 20%
Incentives form the backbone of the Spin go-to-market strategy. Shortly after the token is released, users will start receiving rewards for trading, investing, and market making on Spin.
Advisors – 5%
Throughout our journey, Spin has been fortunate to receive support from numerous brilliant minds with extensive expertise. We anticipate that more experts will join our team in the future, and this pool is specifically designed for their incentivization.
Spin Digital – 20%
Spin Digital encompasses the collective efforts of the company, including the core team, development, marketing, operational staff, partnerships, events, and more. These funds will be utilized to support the future growth and development of the company.
Seed Round – 12.5%
In February 2022, Spin announced its seed round where it successfully raised $3.75 million in funding from renowned venture capital firms including Lemniscap, Spartan Group, GSR, LongHash Ventures, Angel DAO, and ZMT Capital.
Strategic Round – 12% and Private Round – 5%
These rounds occur after the token launch, during a new phase of Spin scaling. Following each round, there will be a 6-month cliff before vesting begins for the tokens.
Public Sale – 7%
Spin will have 3 public sale rounds:
• Priority round – for Freaky Elves holders only;
• Round A – min. check $2,500; WL and KYC required;
• Public Sale – FCFS, KYC required.
Airdrop Stage 1 – 0.5% and Stage 2 – 0.5%
These are two events which were designed to reward the early supporters of the Spin brand. You can check if you're legit to receive an airdrop here.
The Spin token model has been reviewed by several prominent crypto VCs. It incorporates incentivization and control of circulating supply, with some elements of game theory.
If you have any questions about the Spin token model, ask them on our DS.