Trader Incentives

Spin traders get SPIN tokens as a reward for using the Spin trading platform actively. This is a loyalty program aimed at stimulating users to trade on Spin more actively.

Quick Overview

Incentivized trading allows Spin to attract more users to the platform and stimulate them to trade more actively. When the rewards are calculated, the following parameters are taken into consideration:
  • Trading volume: The higher the user's trading volume, the higher the reward.
  • Staked SPIN is used as a multiplier in the formula. It stimulates users to stake tokens to increase their rewards for trading.
  • The number of completed orders parameter is introduced as a wash-trading protection mechanism. The formula counts only the orders which were partially or fully filled. The more trades are made, the lower the multiplier.
The number of tokens allocated as an incentive reward for each Epoch is fixed and is allocated pro rata to participants based on their scores. A part of the trading inventive reward is vested after it is paid to the users.

Reward calculation algorithm

The SPIN rewards for trading are distributed to both makers and takers to stimulate people to create both maker and taker orders.
Shares of the reward pool are split between different trading pairs according to the trading volumes in respective trading pairs.
a,b, c, d - variables;
T - filled orders (any user’s order, which was at least partially filled);
S-score - user's total score;
Suggested numbers for the variables:
a = 0.4
b = 0.1
c = -100
d = 0.6