Trader Incentive Program
For trading on Spin, users receive a Spin token as a reward.
The more trading commissions a user pays, and the higher his average open interest, the more tokens he will receive.

How does the program work?

Once a minute, Spin takes a snapshot of the users' open interest. After the end of the epoch, the paid commissions are calculated, and according to the formula below, the R-score is calculated as well. The user receives a fraction of the total rewards for the epoch corresponding to his share of the R-score.
Rewards are calculated using the following formula:
uRscore=uFees0,7uOI0,3uRscore = uFees^{0,7} * uOI^{0,3}
uSPIN=uRscore/tRscoreuSPIN = uRscore / tRscore
uRscore – user's Rscore
uFees – user's fees
uOI – user's open interest
uSPIN – user's reward in SPIN
tRscore – total Rscore
Average Open Interest in USDC per epoch is used for calculations:
A snapshot of mP and OI is taken at a random time every minute.
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