Freaky Elves NFTs
2022 generative art JPEGs with unique utility functions by Spin

Introducing Freaky Elves collection

Spin’s Freaky Elves on NEAR Protocol is a generative art NFT collection consisting of 2022 JPEGs with unique utility functions. If you own a Freaky Elves NFT, you get access to all their powers:
  • Privileged access to Spin’s IDO — NFT holders will have priority access to get an allocation during the public sale;
  • Premium access to future product features that may include special avatars, discounted fees, early access to alpha releases, and more;
  • Social features: NFT holders will get a special role on Discord and will be able to join a private chat to initiate some community activities and contests to be supported by the Spin marketing team.
Minting one NFT cost 0.7 NEAR. The funds raised during the mint were allocated to Spin’s community incentivization pool. All NFT holders are able to suggest ideas on community activities to boost NFT collection performance and Spin DEX engagement and vote on events to be funded from the pool in a special channel on Discord.

How to get an NFT holder role on Discord?

If you hold a Freaky Elves NFT, you can get a special role on Discord and get access to a private chat #holders-only. In this chat, we will discuss community and product initiatives designed to make the collection of Freaky Elves more popular. As an NFT holder will be able to make proposals and vote for initiatives proposed by the Spin team.
To join the private chat, you need to authorize with the Nearify bot.
  1. 1.
    Select the #react-nearify channel on Spin's Discord server.
2. Click the API link in the #react-nearify channel.
3. Connect the wallet that has a Freaky Elves NFT on its balance.
4. After a successful connection, go back to the #react-nearify channel and react with a
5. After verifying NFT ownership, you will automatically get access to a private NFT chat of #holders-only and be given the "Elf holder" role.

How to trade Freaky Elves NFTs?

Freaky Elves NFT collection is available on Paras – NEAR Protocol's main NFT marketplace. To trade, you need to connect your wallet and choose NFTs to buy or sell.

How will priority access to Spin’s IDO work?

Freaky Elves NFT holders will have priority access to Spin’s IDO, meaning, that they will be the first to join the IDO and buy Spin’s project tokens and thus get a 100% chance to have an IDO allocation. After this stage is over, other users that do not have an NFT will be able to join IDO. Please note that the details about the IDO date, launchpads, and allocation size will be announced later.